Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chicken and Apples? ...and Onions? YES!

Recipe under review: Sweet Apple & Chicken Stir-Fry from Hungry Girl's 300 Under 300
First impression: apples, yum
Verdict: easy and delicious!  

I was instantly intrigued when I saw this recipe.  I absolutely love apples and was looking for a way to spice up my stir-fry life.  The only thing that worried me was the amount of onion in this recipe.  I don't typically like onion but everything else sounded so good I decided to go for it!

So I quickly chopped up some leftover frozen chicken breast, whipped out my apple corer, and sliced an onion into decent sized chunks (I did not want another butternut squash fiasco, I was keeping things BIG)
the precooked pieces
So I put the chicken chunks in a skillet and started browning, a few minutes later it was time to add the fruits/veggies and vinegar.  The smell of the vinegar was a little overwhelming and made me a bit nervous but I just kept on going.  Stirring every minute or so letting all the flavors mix and everything finish cooking.

cooking and steaming!
So that was all there was too it, easy peasy!  I plated up half the pan (it says it makes two servings) and dug right in!

So first of all, I was full before I could finish it, so I'd say it's more than two servings, maybe not quite three though.  I dunno.  But the apples were nice and soft and sweet while the onions added a nice crunch.  The chicken had great flavor and it all just went together so nicely.  Normally I like stir-fries over brown rice, but I wasn't even missing it when I dug in.

Overall, not the prettiest dish to serve but a GREAT recipe if you like things a little sweeter.  Easy and fast for sure.  If you have a bigger appetite I think it would be easily paired with brown rice or rice noodles or something.  And I'm not afraid of onions anymore!  Woohoo!  Definitely a success!  

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