Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sneaky Butternut Squash

Recipe under review: Sweet Cinnamon Fritter Fries from Hungry Girl's Email Newsletter
First impression: sneaking  veggies (or is  it a fruit?) into French Toast?
Verdict: this one is a keeper

So this recipe sounded simple enough.  Cut up some squash, roll it around in some egg and a Fiber One breadcrumb mixture.  Put in the oven and bake!  Hungry Girl uses Fiber One for breadcrumbs often, so I kind of already knew the trick to them (it's to pulverize them to dust, which I didn't have time to do that morning)

Anywho, the description of this recipe says these can be breakfast, dessert, snacks whatever.  So I determined a nice breakfast French Toast Sticks swap would be how I would test them.   I waited for a day when I worked a later shift and got to it!

I just used a regular egg, since I didn't have any egg beaters on hand, and I pulverized some F1 as much as possible before deciding I didn't feel like taking any more time on them.  My butternut squash was also leftovers, so I had the hard part done already.

the setup
Then it was just a quick dip dip and go!  I filled up a whole (smallish) cookie sheet with little sweet fritter fries!

after dipping
Then it's as simple as sticking them in the oven and letting them bake.  (No my fry shapes weren't perfect, but I didn't care a ton, they all still came out great!) I pulled them out when done and plated them up with some sugar free syrup!

mmm breakfast!
It was nice to have a nice warm meal all ready to go before a long day of work.  And they were fun little dipper sticks.  They were soft and gooey and sweet and cinnamony.  The syrup with them definitely makes it seem like a great breakfast treat.  But I wouldn't write off the idea of putting them with some vanilla ice cream for dessert either!  YUM!  Definitely something I want to keep for future reference, these things were a great French Toast swap!

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