Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yummy Puffed Cereal

Product under review: Berry Blossoms cereal from Kashi
First impression: please be filling!
Verdict: great building block!

I go through phases of absolute cereal addiction, so when a new interesting flavor pops up I get excited.  I got even more excited when I read the stats... 100 calories per serving!  That's when I get nervous, will this light and fluffy cereal fill me up at only 100 calories a pop?  Well, I'd like to say yes!

what to look for on shelves

I feel like it's almost an adult Captain Crunch (without the ripped up roof of mouth pain!)  It's light and fluffy and yet berry sweet without being over the top.  A serving size is pretty legit, but since I eat first thing in the morning and am never sure when I'll have a break at work I kinda like to make sure I'm eating a big breakfast.

a close up of a single serving, pretty right?

I paired this tasty stuff with some Fiber One Original and fresh blueberries.  I added a splash of skim milk and some ground cinnamon and it was simply delicious!  The F1 helped to keep me full while the BB helped keep everything sweet and tasty.  And I just always love fresh blueberries in my cereal and sneaking in a serving of fruits right off the bat when I wake up!     

my finished creation, yum!

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