Monday, February 6, 2012

De-Pudged Pigs in Blankets

Recipe under review: De-Pudged Pigs in a Blanket from Hungry Girl's HG Happy Hour
More info:
First impression: these look adorable, do they taste as good?
Verdict: great to make for gatherings!

Another super easy recipe from Hungry Girl!  IN!  With the Superbowl being a breeding ground for so-delicious-so-bad-for-you foods I wanted to make sure I could bring something to the table that everyone would still like, but would also let me have a healthy option to snack on that would fill me up (I love you raw veggie tray, but you just aren't always enough!)

My roomie and I attempted this together, just because we like to cook together, not because this was in any way complicated enough to need two people.  So easy, cut up hot dogs, cut up crescent dough, assemble and bake.  The major problem we had was how to cut the dough into four smaller triangles...

Once we figured out that little snag, it became much easier.  We also experimented with some Laughing Cow cheese wedges inside to make cheesy piggies.  When taste-tested, I couldn't really tell a difference between the cheesed pigs and the plain pigs.

Wrapped and ready to get into the oven!

Not quite as cute as HG's pic, but definitely came out nice and golden!

The downside: Hebrew National franks come in packs of 7, crescent rolls come in packs of 8.  We made a few batches for the shindig, so we had extra rolls to bake up, thankfully, they have the same cook time as the pigs so you can just stick them right in as well!

Overall these were a tasty treat that left us feeling satisfied on game day.  They were quick and easy to make.  For me, they were tasty and delicious, but not so amazing that I couldn't stop myself at the recommended four pig serving size.  I viewed this as a plus, because mindless football-eating can be hard to control sometimes!

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