Sunday, February 12, 2012

Disappointing Chicken Parm Meal

Product Under Review: Lean Cuisine Chicken Parmesean
More Info:
First Impression: doesn't look overly appetizing
Verdict: I won't be buying this again :(

As a relatively busy college student, I'm always looking for delicious, filling frozen meals with decent stats.  As chicken parm is one of my favorite meals, I was hoping to have good things to say about this frozen dinner.

Portion size: Definitely not anything impressive, but not too little either.  Good amount of pasta, but the chicken piece is kind of thin and sad.  Easily fixed by preparing some  frozen veggies on the side (which i should have done, because I don't think I'm going to be full for very long)
Taste: This is where I was really disappointed.  The pasta came out mushy and just has kind of a "blah" taste.  The chicken is a very processed breaded patty that I find very disappointing after having other frozen meals.  
Nutritional Value: Not terrible for a meal, but whole wheat pasta and grilled chicken probably could have given this meal a lot more bang for it's buck!
Appearance: Red and blah.  There are no other colors in this dish!  Also where is the cheese on my chicken?  I had to top it all with grated parm to make it look edible.

This picture probably makes the portion size look bigger, sorry!
Overall: Frozen chicken breasts, low fat cheese, marinara sauce, and whole wheat pasta are all staples in my kitchen.  I think I'll take the extra 10 minutes and prepare my own chicken parm dinner next time.  

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