Monday, April 2, 2012

SPICY Berry Chicken

Recipe Under Review: Sweet 'n Spicy Berry-yaki Chicken from
First Impression: seems like a perfect combo for me and my boyfriend's taste buds
Verdict: too spicy for me :(

I'm sorry in advance that there are no pictures to accompany this post, I was making it with the boyfriend and just completely forgot to grab the camera.  The hardest part of this recipe?  Finding all of the ingredients.  I had never heard of adobo sauce before so that was an adventure through the grocery store aisles for a while (it was kinda near the salsa and stuff).  Then there were no low-sugar raspberry preserves at my store either.  So I just got regular ones. 

The recipe itself was super simple, which was nice.  Whisk together some sauce ingredients, cut up some chicken, mix together and stick in the fridge.  Cut up some veggies (green peppers and mushrooms, which conveniently come already sliced!) Then saute veggies and add chicken with sauce once they are soft.  I would maybe just start the mushrooms first though, because I like my green peppers just hot, not mushy.  Also, the sauce doesn't really stay a sauce, it gets kind of runny and watery, which was very disappointing.

That's all there is to it!  We also made some brown rice and mixed veggies to go with it, but I would probably skip the extra veg next time because the recipe makes more than you would think. 

So time to eat!  Like I said, generous portions were made, so that wasn't a problem.  I also don't like mushrooms or very spicy things, so this was going to be an adventure for me (he pretty much eats everything, so no concerns there).  The sauce was SO MUCH spicier than either of us had thought it would be.  I couldn't really taste the teriyaki or raspberry which was disappointing because those are some of my favorite flavors. It seriously just tasted like chipotle.  The good news?  The mushrooms weren't half bad.  They just tasted like the sauce, so maybe I will start to give them more of a chance in the future.  

I think I would make this recipe again, but just half the adobo sauce and chipotle pepper to let the other flavors shine through a little more.