Sunday, July 22, 2012

Frozen Food Trick

What you need: Lean Cuisine Chicken Alfredo (or something similar), frozen peas, microwave

So this post is going to be short and sweet and isn't really a review but just one of my favorite tricks for a quick healthy meal.

So many of the "healthy" frozen dinners out there skimp on vegetables.  This doesn't really sit so well with me since trying to get veggies into my day is something I sometimes struggle with.  My solution: frozen peas!  I take a seemingly boring veggie and add it to any frozen pasta dish and voila!  Bigger portion and more veggies!  I typically go for something with a cream sauce because I just think it pairs great with peas, and let's be honest, those pasta dishes typically have way too much sauce in them anyway, so there's no reason to let that go to waste :)

The box!

The result!

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