Friday, August 24, 2012

Bisquick Complete Whole Grain Fluffy Goodness

Product under review: Bisquick Complete Simply Buttermilk with Whole Grain
First Impression: I hope this tastes as good as normal Bisquick
Verdict: YUM.  Fluffy pancakes and filling whole grains!

So I had some blueberries to use up before they went bad and some Bisquick in my pantry... seems like a no brainer!
blueberries in my berry strainer
the pancake mix (looks sophisticated, doesn't it?)
 My favorite thing about "complete" pancake mix... it's so easy to just add the water!  Add a little more if it's too thick, add a little more mix if too thin.  No ratios or anything to worry about.  Just stir it right up!  If you are also adding blueberries, make sure to add them right before cooking, and stir gently, burst blueberries can make for funny-looking pancakes.

added water and blueberries to mix!  
I always make dollar sized pancakes, so they are small.  But you can make big ones the same way!  And just put on a greased medium-high heat griddle or skillet.

so nice and thick!

browned and puffed up really nicely.
 Flip pancakes after they start to puff and bubble, and they are golden brown and fluffy!  I put both servings on my plate because I was feeling hungry, but it was not necessary.  Half of what I made filled me up and kept me full for quite some time after.  This mix is definitely a keeper for me!

two servings (the smallest "recipe on the box"
Just a note, I used to use the Fiber One pancake mix, but I've stopped being able to find it.  These might be lower in fiber, but they are fluffier and if I find the F1 again I'm not sure I'd switch back.  These are definitely worth the calories and great for that pancake craving while still keeping full after breakfast!

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