Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cereal + Muffin = Yummy

Recipe Under Review:  HG's Surreal Cereal Muffins
More info:
First  Impression: How could this possibly be bad?
Verdict: Delicious but not perfect

When the new cereal inspired muffins came out I was pretty excited to try them, but muffin stats tend to get out of hand pretty fast so I was even more excited when HG tried out all the  lower-stat options for me!  Verdict was Cinnamon Toast Crunch mix + pumpkin puree was the best combo, and happened to be the one I already had the stuff for in my pantry anyway!  So here we go...

This is all you need!
Three easy steps!  One: 1 box mix + 1.5 cups pumpkin in a bowl...

Looks kinda funny like that...
 Two: Stir until combined
Looks much better here, super thick batter!
Three:  Divide and top! Definitely push the strudel into the batter a bit, it goes all over
Into the oven!
I pulled them out after about 14 minutes, but I think a few more minutes would have helped.  They look done and a toothpick comes out clean, but they were still a bit gooey.

I let them cool for a little bit before pulling one out and digging in
Looks great!
So they tasted delicious, not too pumpkiny and just a light fluffy cinnamon taste.  The topping adds a nice touch that makes it feel a little more decadent as well.  But like I said, there was a downside...

The muffin stuck to the paper :(
I think I just need to find a better balance of baking time, then they would be great!  Definitely a quick and easy muffin recipe that I would try again too.  I love having a small warm muffin with a smoothie in the morning, so that's my plan for this week with these guys.  

Anyone try any other of these muffin mixes or combinations?  Curious as to how the other ones are!


I popped one in the microwave for 15 seconds before enjoying this morning, and it peeled out of the wrapper perfectly!  Concerns for this recipe are now gone! 

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