Sunday, December 2, 2012

Better Boxed Mac

Product Under Review: Annie's Homegrown Shells & White Cheddar
More info:
First impression:  I've heard good things about this Annie person
Verdict: A great easy mac and cheese, but leftovers were not.

So I've heard whispers of this "other" boxed mac and cheese for a while now.  I finally bought some at the store and caved and made it!  It's just as easy as any other boxed cheesey goodness, and follows the same steps.  But I actually happen to love white mac and cheese to begin with, so I was pretty excited.  

Here's what you're looking for
 Three easy steps:
Boil up some water and throw the tiny little shells in!

Add the sauce ingredients to the pot. 

Mix in the finished shells!
 I had mine with some snap peas and a chicken cordon bleu.  Great little dinner I think.  The mac and cheese wasn't too in-your-face cheesy, but it was creamy and delicious!  It also only makes two servings, which is great for someone like me who lives alone and doesn't enjoy eating the same thing every day for a week!

yum yum!
The only downside I found was with the leftovers.  They tasted just like buttered noodles.  I had to top them with some grated parm.  Don't get me wrong, I love some buttered noodles, but that just wasn't what I wanted out of my mac and cheese leftovers.

womp womp.