Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pizza Hut Pucks

So the new pizza hut sliders seemed like a great idea in theory... so much easier to control yourself when you have your own individual slider to call your own!  But actually the stats on these are outrageous and one slider isn't even worth it.  They are fun because you can pick three different topping combos for the little guys, but that's where the perks stop.  The dough to topping ratio is just awful and you feel like you are just eating a mouthful of bread.  Chewy bread at that.  If you are going to splurge on pizza hut, stick with the classic pizza options (thin crust is always best!) and fruits/veggies for the topping!

So. not. worth it.
Also, seems like there's more space in the box for the same amount of money and calories...  such a disappointment over all, these sounded so fun in theory!

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