Monday, February 24, 2014

Hotcake Hustle 5k

5K Experience
5K a Month Challenge - January
January 11th, 2014 @ Addison Circle Park, Addison TX

I apologize in advance, I didn't take any pictures this morning.  The Hotcake Hustle is the first in a series in the Dallas area of I believe 8 races per year.  What I liked so much about this one, is it was essentially out the front door of my apartment.  It seemed like a great way for me to kick off my goal of getting one of these done a month, because how could I find an excuse to blow off something so close to me?

I opted to pick up my packet on race day, rather than venture out to a store since it was so close.  Well, first, this was a mistake!  They were out of shirts by the time we got there (thankfully the super nice people of Run Project finally decided to ship it to me since I missed my post-race pickup due to lots of traveling)  It was a bit hectic and there wasn't a ton of signage around to get us to packet pickup, but everyone was in high spirits this fine morning!

Since this is a smaller race, there are no corrals or anything, we just kind of hopped into the crowd with everyone else.  They did some little warm up exercises with us too, which is always a nice touch.  What I found interesting here was that 10k participants and 5k participants all started together.  At one point the 10kers just turned around and did another loop of it!  And yes, they did start to lap us slow little 5kers!  A little intimidating but also a little motivating at the same time!

I had no goal going into this, just wanted to see what I could do now that I had been training a little bit and on a normal road course (in December, we had done a trail run 5k that took me about 45 minutes, but I wasn't sure how that would compare to this) So we hit the ground running!  There are a few 5ks in my area and they all pretty much take the same course, which honestly isn't terribly exciting.  Out of the circle/park area, over the bridge, turn around, come back.  It's a nice bridge, but since I run that way normally sometimes it's not as motivating for me in a 5k.  Really pretty uneventful little course and pretty soon we were in range of the finish line!

I tried my hardest to really push at the end, but I had gone a little too hard in the beginning.  This is really something I am trying to work on more but it's a challenge for me to find my balance with everyone else running faster around me.  I made it across the finish line with 40:10 as my time!  I had managed to shave quite a bit off the trail run and was feeling exhausted but accomplished and ready for some pancakes...

BUT the line for pancakes was suuuuper long.  It was great that they were making them to order, but we just weren't in the mood to wait.  We grabbed some bananas and headed home for a nap :)

I love the small little events like this that really feel like great community involvement.  Do you have anything like this in your area that you could try out?  They are great for beginners because for us at least, no minimum time!

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