Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Skinny Detox Veggie Soup

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New Recipe of the Week, Week of 1/6
From: Skinny Mom

So this was the recipe I chose to start off the year because not only did I have a nice indulgent holiday, I followed it by a 9 day trip to Disney World where I indulged on lots of tasty eats!  No one likes that post-vacation bloat feeling, so this seemed like the perfect little fix for me to start getting right back on track!

I kept to the recipe as much as I could, but I ended up using sweet potatoes instead of turnips because I couldn't find them at my store.  I also didn't buy enough stock, so oopsie!  This was before I really decided to restart my blogging, so pictures are lacking.

It was definitely simple enough which I loved, and the recipe made a TON.  So much it almost didn't fit in my pot!  But what I loved is that it all did go in just the one pot, so it made less dishes, score!  Just a lot of chopping at the beginning, but really nothing too fancy, just cut into the size pieces you want to eat.  Everything went as well as expected and in about an hour and a half I had a huge pot of bean and veggie soup.  We took the serving suggestion and got some fresh Italian bread to serve with it (not really on the detox part, but it sounded good!)
healthy girly life: Skinny Detox Soup from Skinny Mom

I love how the veggies are just overflowing, made me feel great eating it.  And I couldn't even finish this whole bowl, it was so filling!  It did need an extra hit of salt and pepper at the dinner table, but I blame that on my lack of stock and having to use water to fill it up and I probably didn't compensate enough.  This recipe was just what I needed in the cold winter months, but I couldn't eat it (coupled with my boyfriend) enough times to actually eat the whole batch!  So we portioned it out and froze about 3 servings for either quick dinners or better-than-canned easy soup when we are sick.

What do you think, would you give this one a try?

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