Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Super Easy Healthy Pancakes

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From: Cheap Clean Eats

First of all, I love breakfast.  Second of all, I love carby-delicious-wonderfully-bad-for-you breakfasts.  But these are some of the easiest things to lighten up at home!  I came across this recipe and thought it was too good to be true.  Honestly, I was ready to be disappointed and let down and never try this again.  I was wrong.  These are TOO EASY and make a single serving in just a few minutes!  Packed with protein and nutrients, you don't even have to feel bad about splurging on some real maples syrup to put on top!

What you need: ripe bananas, eggs.  Optional: cinnamon, pancake mix.  Something to top with (if you wish)

healthy girly life: Super Easy Banana Pancakes
Two ingredients!

Just pop that banana and two eggs right into a blender (I used my handy Magic Bullet) and blend until smooth!  I also add cinnamon because I love that flavor in my breakfast goodness.  When I make these for my boyfriend, I also mix in about 1/4 cup heart-healthy pancake mix per serving to give them a little extra fluff.  It doesn't hurt the stats too bad and it makes it more "pancakey"

healthy girly life: Super Easy Banana Pancakes
I didn't quite get all the pictures needed, sorry!
It takes a little while to master flipping them, but once you do, it's easy as can be!  Since they are a little thinner than regular pancakes, they almost come out crepe-like.  Making the nice little mini sized ones definitely helps the flippability.

healthy girly life: Super Easy Banana Pancakes
Ready to flip!
One banana and two eggs makes one serving, and it's huge!  This time I chose to have mine with some vanilla greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon.  As I mentioned earlier, they are also great with pure maple syrup.  I've also had them with whatever flavor greek yogurt I have in the fridge.

healthy girly life: Super Easy Banana Pancakes
Yum yum, yum, all for me!
These come out thin but so tasty.  There is a slight hint of banana to them, but they still definitely pack a pancake punch!  I felt satisfied and full after eating these until lunchtime too.  I rolled them up and dipped them in my yogurt, I just love finger foods :)  They don't always come out quite this pretty (depends on how much effort I put into flipping them that day) but they do always taste great!  As you can tell, I loved them so much I've already made them three times since initially trying them out last month!  Definitely a keeper in our brunch routine!

What do you think, could you swap out your carbo-loaded breakfast for this one?


  1. This sounds and looks so gooood! :D

  2. You have to try it and let me know what you think!