Friday, March 28, 2014

Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake

Food Find Review
Frozen Entree
From: Kashi

I was excited to finally get my hands on one of these, as Hungry Girl RAVES about this particular frozen entree.  I didn't used to like a lot of the things this seemed to include, but as I've been working on eating healthier I've been adding new things to my diet and this finally seemed like something I would like!

healthy girly life: Kashi frozen dinner review
Here's what you're looking for!

So I brought this into work one day I knew I wouldn't be making it home for a lunch break.  I stuck it in the freezer no problem and it was ready for me when I got hungry.  It took a decent amount of time to warm up with considerably complicated directions for a frozen entree.  "Place tray on the outer edge of the turntable and heat for 5 minutes on 50% power" This was Step 2 of 4.  It takes in total about 10 minutes to heat up and stand in the microwave.  First of all, if I'm so busy I'm working through lunch, I don't really have that kind of time to hang around a break room.  Secondly, people don't like when you monopolize the microwave at lunch time!  Either way, after all that effort, this is what I got!

healthy girly life: Kashi frozen dinner review
Ready to eat!

It was tasty and surprisingly filling!  I love the addition of the plantains as well for something a bit different, as I'd never buy them myself.  It's also great to see a "healthy" frozen entree that's actually packed full of good-for-you food that tastes great!  There's no skimpy white pasta portions here trying to pass themselves off as good for you.  Would I buy this again? Probably.  Am I running back to the store to get another one?  Nahh.
Have you tried this or other frozen Kashi entrees?  What did you think?

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